Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wholesale Fragrances???

So I joined a business yesterday that sales fragrances at about a third of a price of what it comes for at any department store..  My goal yesterday was to try to get Family and Friends to buy as much as I could... All I got was 2 sales.. Is this worth it?? I think it is.. but I keep contradicting myself.. My goal yesterday was only 15 bottles, but sadly I was not even close.. Maybe because it was last minute and a lot of people didn't have money.. And specially the fact that a lot of the fragrance people were asking for, I didn't have!!
A plus about the fragrances is that they are the top of the line fragrance, "Eau de Parfum" in a 3.3 fl oz TESTER bottle and all sales for only $27!  That is one hell of a steal!!
My confidence is like only.. 33% as of right now, I don't understand why my bosses choose me of the 300 resumes they received, but I'm hanging in there and pushing as hard as I can.. I have the motivation and drive, I need the confidence!!!

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